Daniel Yurovsky

Assistant Professor of Psychology

Carnegie Mellon University

I am interested in how children’s rapid language acquisition emerges from the interaction of their learning mechanisms and the structure of their learning environments. My work combines behavioral and computational analysis of infants’, children’s, and adults’ learning mechanisms with corpus analyses of the language children hear and the world they see. Come visit me at the Communication and Learning Lab.

I am an active contributor to Wordbank, and childes-db, open access tools for big data developmental psychology. I’ve also helped to develop some R packages you might find useful. Check out tidyboot, wordbankr, and childesr. My lab is also a contributor to the ManyBabies project , and we are enthusiastic about reproducibility and open science more broadly.

Representative Publications

For a full list of publications, see my lab publications

(2018). A communicative approach to early word learning. New Ideas in Psychology.


(2017). Preschoolers flexibly adapt to linguistic input in a noisy channel. Psychological Science.

PDF Open Science

(2013). Statistical word learning at scale: the baby's view is better. Developmental Science.


(2012). Quantitative linking hypotheses for infant eye movements. PLOS One.

PDF Open Science



  • 85-309 – Statistical Concepts and Methods for Social and Behavioral Science – Spring 20, Fall 16-18 (at UofC)
  • SOSC 141 – The Mind – Spring 19, Spring 18, Winter 17 (at UofC).